Hiking on the farm’s Grünbach Alp – Enjoy nature in Val Pusteria

A wonderful day trip takes you from the farm Grünbacherhof to our private pasture and on to romantic lake Grünbachsee. The picturesque trail leads through deep forests and across lush meadows. Many marmot burrows line the path, and with a little luck you may observe these lively alpine dwellers playing in the grass. Stunning views accompany you on your hike to the farm’s own Grünbach Alp. The mighty peaks of the Plan de Corones and the Sas de Putia are clearly visible from the many viewpoints outside the forests. Our newly built alpine hut is ideal for a short break and a snack with alpine delicacies. Cool, clear and clean spring water quenches your thirst, and home-made bacon and sausages with typical farm bread will give you plenty of energy to continue to the lake Grünbachsee.

Mountain idyll at the lake Grünbachsee

From the Grünbach Alp, the hike continues to the idyllic lake Grünbachsee at an altitude of 2,258 meters above sea level. The road marking reads 1 hour walking time for the hiking destination; anyhow, with an average walking pace the lake can be easily reached within half an hour. The path leads partly along a wide forest road and crosses green pastures in the last section. The scent of aromatic herbs is in the air and alpine flowers create gaudy splashes of colour on the lush green. The hike to the lake Grünbachsee is particularly beautiful in June when the rhododendrons are in full bloom and turn the meadows into a sea of flowers. In the bright sunlight the lake sparkles in all imaginable shades of blue and the mountain scenery on its banks radiates tranquillity and serenity. The crystal clear waters are home to numerous fish and on the banks several species of reptiles live. Who keeps quiet may make out a marmot or a shy deer near the lake Grünbachsee.

On request we also make an excursion to our own alpine pasture and walk to the Grünbachsee.

Hike to Putzenhöhe

After a rest on the shores of the lake, you may continue the hike to the Putzenhöhe. From the lake Grünbachsee you will already see the cross on the 2,650-meter mountain. The climb to the Putzenhöhe is the highlight of a nature hike in Val Pusteria/South Tyrol. You will reach the summit cross in about an hour and on the peak your efforts will be rewarded with a stunning view on the opposite Valle Aurina with its idyllic mountain summits and white glaciers. Our farm‘s Grünbach Alp is also a great destination for snowshoeing or mountain hikes in the winter.